Grade Description

Every factory has their own individual set of grading rules which details what is allowed within that grade of floor.

Below we have simplified the selection, however, If you require an official set of these rules please contact us.

You can also view all the product pictures plus visit the information pages on each floor to obtain a better understanding of the floor.

Rustic, ABCD, Traditional & Barn Grade

A Rustic & ABCD grade floor will contain knots and natural colour variation and a Traditional or Barn grade will contain lots of knots and natural colour variation.


Character, ABC, Living, Panaget Zenitude & Panaget Authentic Grade

These grades of flooring will typically contain some knots and natural colour variation however are cleaner looking than the Rustic grades above.

Select/Prime, AB, Nature & Panaget Classic Grade

Select/Prime grade floors will contain some small pin knots and natural colour variation. AB grade & Panaget Classic grade floors will contain some slightly bigger knots compared to Select/Prime however overall these floors will have a cleaner affect than the Character grade floors above.